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Changes to the current National Agriculture Qualifications

14/09/2015 • At the time of listing the New Zealand Qualifications, the current National Qualifications were designated as expiring, with December 2015 being the last date for enrolment.
As this timeframe is now proving to be unrealistic, there...

Much more than words

07/09/2015 • Kirk Harcourt is the type of man who is very important to the future of the dairy sector.
"Kirk is amiable, articulate and very personable", says Primary ITO National Literacy and Numeracy Adviser Mike Styles.
“He’s competent...

The Professional Land Managers Project

04/09/2015 • Amidst tough times for our hard working dairy farmers, good news is welcome. The Professional Land Managers project is one initiative designed to help dairy farmers along the way, making the most from the hand...